Thanks to generous donations from the crowd, Saturday’s tribute to Billy Samson raised £338.23 for Help Musicians UK. The money will go directly to supporting musicians in Scotland.

Help Musicians UK is a charity that helps emerging, working and retired musicians of all kinds and in all sectors, whether amateur, pro or semi-pro. It provides support to musicians in personal or financial crisis, it runs the Music Minds Matter helpline, and it also offers help for musicians in terms of careers advice and personal development.

If you’re wondering, “why musicians”? It’s because being a musician is a strange and strangely demanding type of work. It can be high pressure and financially precarious, and it’s not a great industry for people with mental health problems. The myth of the tortured artist whose genius comes from their mental health is particularly damaging: you can probably name multiple tortured artists who didn’t get the help they needed because there was money to be made from their misery. But you don’t need to be a superstar to suffer from the pressures and problems of being a musician, which is why Help Musicians UK works with emerging and unknown artists too.

Thanks to everyone who donated.

If you’re a musician who needs somebody to talk to, Music Minds Matter is available 24/7 on 0808 802 8008.