Stadium* make big music. It’s music born of love and of loss, of hope and of heartbreak, the sound of big hearts beating inside bruised bodies.

Stadium* are Kenny Martin (bass) and Carrie Marshall (guitar/vocals).

Influenced by post-punk, pristine pop and power trios, Kenny and Carrie are having too much fun to stick to a single genre. They’re channelling Bob Mould and Buzzcocks, Teenage Fanclub and Faith No More, Radiohead and REM. Some of their songs are personal and others political; some are abrasive, others anthemic.

Stadium*’s music rages and mourns, but their message is about hope, not hate. In Safe Space, Carrie sings of a place where we can “shelter in and feel safe” when “days just grind and crush”. “I’ll meet you there,” she promises.

The band’s debut, Some People Are Inconvenient, will be released soon.